Australian Soft-eating


Batch 37 Soft Liquorice 200g
Traditional Black
Batch 37 Soft Liquorice Strawberry 200g
Strawberry Flavour

All Darrell Lea treats are proudly palm oil free

Our most famous invention is our SOFT-EATING  LIQUORICE that we invented in a small factory under the iconic arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
Today, this delicious Aussie made treat is proudly exported to the world.

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Who needs a plot twist when there’s Rocklea Road? 🍫📖 ​

Send your tastebuds on their own delicious adventure with this much-loved Aussie made choccy block featuring: ​
☁️ Pillowy marshmallows​
🥜 Roasted peanuts​
🥥 Toasted coconut ​
🍫 Decadent milk chocolate crafted from sustainably sourced cocoa​

🛒 Find it at leading supermarkets. ​

#DLMakesItBetter #PalmOilFree #RockleaRoad

🧡 Need a 3pm pick-me-up? Our Aussie made Rocklea Road with Caramel Bits has you covered. 🍫​

Smooth milk chocolate with a warm caramel note filled with crispy caramel hokey pokey pieces, pillowy marshmallow, crunchy peanuts and toasted coconut. ☁️🥜🥥🍫 ​

🛒 Available in leading supermarkets now. ​

#DLMakesItBetter #PalmOilFree

😆 Where do you hide your choccy stash? Your secret is safe with us. 🤫😉

#DLMakesItBetter #PalmOilFree #RockleaRoad #Chocolate

😍 The verdict is in. You are loving our new White Chocolate Rocklea Road Block. 🏆 ​

✔️ Crafted with quality ingredients ​
✔️ 100% sustainably sourced cocoa​
✔️ Proudly palm oil free​

🛒 Available from leading supermarkets.​

#DLMakesItBetter #PalmOilFree #RockleaRoad

Is this the most satisfying thing ever? You be the judge. 😍​

Our Rocklea Road choccy blocks are proudly made in Rowville VIC, are palm oil free and crafted with sustainably sourced cocoa. 🍫 ​

#DLMakesItBetter #PalmOilFree #RockleaRoad​


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